Valdoviño offers surfers of all levels one of the best destinations in Spain to enjoy their favorite sport of surfing. Spending your vacation at Surf & Breakfast, you will be able to walk to the municipality’s flagship beach, also known as Frouxeira, which regularly has waves upwards of one meter, with swells occasionally reaching three meters. Just a short drive away from Valdoviño you will find other prime surfing spots such as Pantin, site of the only World Surf League Qualifying series event in Spain, or Baleo, a well known surfing spot for surfers across Europe.

Courses and Material

Our surfing classes and equipment are provided by our partners, Valdo Surf School. All you need to bring to start surfing your first waves and enjoy the best experience is swim gear, flip flops, towels and sun screen. We’ll take care of the rest! Our qualified instructors will be by your side with each and every wave. You will be amazed how quickly you can stand up on your surfboard and start surfing your first waves.

Surf Boards

We adjust the board to your surfing level. If you are a beginner we would provide you with softboards, which are a bit wider and thicker than the standard shortboard. This board would give you more stability in the water and would allow you to stand up and ride the wave from day one! If you have passed the beginner level we have boards that allow you to practice the technique and improve your surfing skills.

Wet Suits

Independently of the season, the waters in this part of Galicia are cold, and therefore in order to have a great time in the water, we will provide all our surfers with wet suits.